Troop seat


Our revolutionary new troop seat is based on our accumulated experience in supplying energy absorbing systems. We implemented a highly innovative approach to design, used our vast experience and paid attention to every detail of our system; from each axis and lock to the energy absorbing mechanism, from ergonomics to safety. Every element has been designed to provide the highest quality seat. The result is state-of-the-art leading energy absorbing seats that meet highly demanding conditions with top ergonomic qualities.

Our troop seat is the chosen solution by leading platform manufacturers from the US, Israel and Europe. an innovative approach to design, our new seat offers you the highest level of performance in the most extreme conditions. 

troop seats
Military Troop Seats

17-22 kg

Adjustment options

Folding back

Folding pan

Adjustable headrest

Energy Absorption

Energy absorbing system based on the advanced SPIRAL technology


Ergonomic design suitable for 5th -95th percentile


FMVSS 207/ 210



ECE Compliance

Seat belts

4/ 5 point seat belt

Mounting options

Wall/ Floor/ Roof