MOBIUS Advanced Blast Protection Systems


Extreme Mobility

The innovative, military-grade SPIRAL technology was designed to mitigate high energy in unexpected, extreme impact scenarios, lowering occupants’ gravitational forces (g) to provide the protection required. This lightweight, single-element, environmentally resilient component, can be designed to fit any space and EA requirement and has been proven in the most extreme scenarios.

How we do it

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak"

Hans Hoffman


Designed for and around the USER

Taking into account the unique requirements of the commander, driver, gunner and troop positions, our flexible, customizable seats have intuitive access to seat adjustment options, easy ingress and egress, and emergency operation capabilities.



The key to Mobius’ superior protection is our patented ‘SPIRAL’ technology – this powerful absorption element enables even the most compact structures to effectively mitigate extremely high energy levels.


Emphasis on COMFORT

The modular architecture and foam design of our seating systems allow us to provide protection as well as comfort and support to all seat occupants, from light 5th percentile females to heavy 95th percentile males.

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