Military Seats Technology



Blast Absorbing mechanism

The key to Mobius’ superior performance is our patented ‘SPIRAL’ technology – small but powerful and efficient energy absorption elements enabling even the simplest and most compact structures to effectively mitigate extremely high energy levels. The energy absorption mechanisms meticulously designed with our SPIRAL technology have repeatedly achieved outstandingly low Dynamic Response Index (DRI) measures in testing, even under drastic deformations and multi-hit assaults.

Military Seats Technology
MRAP Seats

Emphasis on COMFORT


The modular architecture of the SPIRAL technology enables our designers to build versatile military seating systems with excellent ergonomics, and provide the protection, support, and comfort for all users, from light 5th percentile females to heavy 95th percentile males. The seat’s comfortable ergonomic design allows for effortless operation of the vehicle controls for the crew members and ensure combat readiness for the troops.


Designed for and around the USER


Our military seats provide the highest level of performance in the most extreme conditions. Taking into account the unique requirements of the commander, driver, gunner and troop positions, our flexible, customizable seats have intuitive access to seat adjustment options, easy ingress and egress, and emergency operation capabilities.