MOBIUS Advanced Blast Protection Systems

Quality Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Mobius protection systems recognize that quality is a never-ending process to achieve continuous improvement

Mobius protection systems believe that a superior quality contributes to our customer’s satisfaction and leads to long-term success

The people in Mobius protection systems, are the main source of success. Therefore, we lead our people to continuously contribute to the ongoing improvement of the organization

Our Quality Policy

1. We apply a code of conduct to share our values with our people, customers, and throughout the supply chain

2. We set objectives and control measures to achieve our goals

3. We motivate our people to professional development

4. We do more with less, planning before doing

5. We adopt risk-based thinking and corrective actions to prevent deficiencies

6. Our focus on customer’s satisfaction is implemented throughout the organization’s processes and our management approach

7. We manage our supply chain as business partners. We promote open, transparent communication

8. We comply with all regulatory requirements for our products and working environment

Mobius Protection Systems Management Team