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Troop Seat Category

Our revolutionary troop seat series is based on our accumulated experience in supplying energy-absorbing systems. By implementing lessons learned in the most demanding environments, using our strong engineering capabilities, and taking an innovative approach to design, Mobius’s Troop seats offer you the highest level of performance in the most extreme conditions.


Troop Systems Category

Mobius offers solutions for troop seats for a range of armored vehicles;  Part of the seats’ technology is its ability to attenuate protection based on the occupant’s size, allowing it to accommodate a range of user heights and weights, from fifth percentile females to 95th percentile males.

Mobius’ seats install via mountings on walls, and floors depending on a client’s need and vehicle type. Moreover, the seats are also customizable to provide optimal functionality and feature a folding back, folding pan, and an adjustable headrest. Furthermore, when the client partners with Mobius, the company’s engineering team tailor the seat solution to the client’s specific needs.