MOBIUS Advanced Blast Protection Systems

Safety and Protection

Considering the unique requirements of every potential user and every possible scenario

blast protection systems

Comfort and Support

The modular design of our seating systems ensures every passenger, regardless of size, is comfortable and supported

advanced blast protection systems

Innovative Technology

Energy absorption capabilities enable even the most compact structures to effectively mitigate extremely high energy levels

blast protection system


Innovative Technology

First and foremost, the key to Mobius’ superior performance is our patented ‘SPIRAL’ technology. Small but powerful, the SPIRAL’s energy absorption capabilities enable even the most compact structures to effectively mitigate extremely high energy levels.

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Extreme Mobility, Made Safe

Manufacturing seats to your precise needs, we provide the ultimate solution for any space, operational requirement, and occupant experience. Working with top engineers, designers, and certification and manufacturing experts, we ensure the highest quality energy absorption properties, design and production, and top certification results, in seats suitable for a range of users – from 5th percentile females to 95th percentile males.

Why work with Mobius

Innovative approach

A Breakthrough technology with safety, comfort, design flexibility, cost and weight benefits

Proven solution

Successful projects for military and civilian customers in the air, land and sea mobility industries

Highly experienced team of experts

In-house engineering, design, manufacturing, and certification experts

Strong partnerships

Working with customers to create tailored, customized solutions

Mobius Protection Systems


When people’s lives are on the line, there is no room for anything but the utmost professionalism and constant aspiration for excellence.


When you’re working at the cutting edge and tailoring your solution to advance another, true partnership is the only thing that will make it all come together.


We understand that at the end of the day, we do what we do to ensure people are safe. We take that responsibility very seriously.

“We believe our innovation enables yours, and that’s how it should be. When one technology supports and enables another, true breakthroughs can be achieved”.

Oren Goor, CEO

News, Articles & Resources

Articles & News

Whether it’s new, more powerful types of artillery blast or the rise of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the battlefield, troops face ever-increasing risks.

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Technical Resources

At present, Human engineering and ergonomics are critical considerations in designing military seats to ensure maximum comfort and reduced fatigue.

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