MOBIUS Advanced Blast Protection Systems

About us

Over a decade of success

Founded in 2009, Mobius Protection Systems (Mobius) specializes in delivering energy-absorbing seat systems for land and air platforms, based on its patented SPIRAL technology. A global enterprise based in Israel, the company partners with industry leaders to supply customers in over 30 countries with uniquely designed solutions.

Inspired by the notion that great innovation shouldn’t be complex, Mobius designs, manufactures, and certifies brilliantly simple, yet robust and reliable, lifesaving energy absorption (EA) solutions that deliver flawless performance. With a deep understanding of platform requirements, strong engineering know-how, and flexible design skills, Mobius has the expertise to tailor its solutions to each customer’s precise requirements.

Mobius enables vehicle manufacturers to unleash their true capabilities, putting the focus where it should be – on maximizing transportation potential – while ensuring that passengers can withstand the ride, in a safe, protected environment.

We believe in service above all

  • Timelines – We understand your time constraints and we will jump through hoops to meet them
  • Budget – We work on fixed pricing per work packages, so you can plan your budget appropriately
  • Engineering – Our professional engineering will provide support for every emerging need – from brackets to a complete seat design

Our Philosophy


We see fairness, transparency and integrity as the corner stones of partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees. We believe in constantly finding common interests with our partners as the key to mutual success.


We believe that as a company and individuals, we hold total responsibility for all aspects of the interactions with the partners in our business environment. From engineering through manufacturing and to servicing, we will always seek to provide a complete and professional solutions.

Constant Improvement

We strive to excellence through constant improvement in all aspects of our operation. We seek innovation in all of our activities and we constantly learn from our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Mobius Protection System

Mobius Established

By a leading design team from the Merkava main battle tank (MBT) engineering centre


Registration of Spiral technology Patents

The innovative, military-grade SPIRAL technology was designed to mitigate high energy in unexpected, extreme impact scenarios, lowering occupants’ gravitational forces to provide maximum protection


Development of Energy absorbing solutions for variety of applications

From Energy-absorbing(EA) seats to EA for trains in case of collisions, EA spacers for better attachments, EA systems for helicopters, fall protection safety gear etc.


Development of EA seats for 4x4 platforms

Multiple programs are awarded to the company for the development of tailored EA seats for main battle tanks, 4x4 vehicles, and tracked APCs


Military Seats

Development of seats for new 8x8 APC

Mobius enters into a new program in Europe to supply crew and troop EA seats to a major European army



Mobius’s spin-off company creates the safest child car seat in the world, based on SPIRAL technology


Maritime seats

The first EA seats are delivered to a minesweeper and high-speed motorboats


Marine Seats

Urban Air Mobility Seats

Commercial UAM seat developed



Mobius in number

More than


Systems supplied to date

More than


Different platforms

Deployed in



More than


Validation tests conducted

More than


Seat models

Leadership Team

Founded by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from various fields of the armored vehicles industry, Mobiuss’ unique combination of knowledge, experience, and passion drives the company’s vision.

Oren Goor
CEO and CO- Founder

Anan Hasan

CTO and CO- Founder

Eldad Eilam-VP Marketing

Eldad Eilam

VP Marketing & Biz Dev

Uri Felder

Chief Operating Officer

Tsachi Bar Zeev

VP Urban Air Mobility Systems

“By building a strong partnership with clients, Mobius can quickly and effectively respond to their needs. Part of this response is designing seats that fit the client’s specifications, whether it’s using an already developed seat, adapting a seat, or building a seat from the bottom up, Mobius assures its clients that their requirements will be met.”

Elizabeth Whynott, Best Practices Research Analyst