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MOBIUS’ military vehicle seats vs. the most extreme conditions imaginable

MOBIUS’ military vehicle seats vs. the most extreme conditions imaginable

Modern military forces make use of a wider array of military vehicle types than ever before. These range from tracked vehicles such as large tanks, which can weigh between 40 and 60 tons, to smaller vehicles like Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs), which weigh only a small fraction of that.

As specific as some of the missions assigned to these vehicles may be, modern military vehicles must be agile, resilient and, above all, versatile. Today’s military vehicles face bigger and more challenging missions than ever on the battlefield. Environmental challenges include everything from differing terrain, topography, and weather conditions to battlefield-specific threats like shockwaves, underbody blasts and new types of artillery strike.

It’s all about being prepared for each and every challenge

How do you ensure the safety of troops in this kind of challenging environment? Answers include everything from developments in exterior armor to proper training of troops, who are today more capable than ever. But employing the best military vehicle seats is a crucially important factor to consider when it comes to today’s military vehicles — and the effectiveness and safety of those who use them.

Comfort is only one part of creating effective military seating that is suitable for drivers or passengers. Seats must also be ergonomically designed, with attention paid to factors such as seat back angle, hip location, and body segment angles. The goal is to prevent injuries during long periods spent in a seated position, and to protect those travelling in the vehicle in the event that it is involved with a collision. This latter point is the reason why proper seat belts and harnesses are so vitally important. Obviously, these measures are important when dealing with civilian vehicles. However, they become significantly more important when military vehicles are concerned — since these are far more likely to travel over uneven ground and rough terrain, as well as be subject to potentially injurious or deadly interactions with other vehicles or attacks.

As a result, it is essential that military vehicle seats are designed and engineered in a way that will allow their users to withstand whatever challenges are thrown at them.

MOBIUS’ military vehicle seats are a game-changer

This is where MOBIUS PS’s military vehicle seats excel. We create blast-protecting military seats that help protect troops in a variety of military vehicles from multi-hit assaults, such as artillery attacks and underbody improvised explosive device (IED) blasts. We lead the market when it comes to our highly ergonomic military vehicle seats, which offer both comfort and efficiency on the battlefield.

The seating solution is based around an energy absorbing system built on our advanced SPIRAL technology, offering the highest levels of performance you could ask for in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Mobius’ SPIRAL solution means that, even if there is minimal space, we can customize our seating solution to fit effectively, while protecting the troops who willingly put their lives on the line.

Our versatile military seats can be installed in a number of ways, including using mountings on the floor, roof, or wall. They are also designed to fit a variety of roles, including troop seats, crew seats, gunner seats, and driver seats; accommodating everyone from the most lightweight 5th percentile female to a heavy 95th percentile male.

Adapted to the vehicle

They do this while also taking into account the specific requirements of these troop roles, allowing for easy ingress and egress, along with emergency operation capabilities. The seats boast features including a folding back, folding pan, and adjustable headrest that consume minimal space inside a vehicle, but offer maximum ergonomic support and protection when they are being used.

Our seating solutions can be installed in just about any modern military vehicle, such as Main Battle Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Combat Vehicles, MRAPs, MPVs, Light Tactical Vehicles, and others. They can comfortably be fitted inside 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 or tracked vehicles without requiring modification of the vehicles themselves. The seats are adapted to the vehicle – not the other way around.

Let us advise you on military vehicle seats

Whatever your requirement, MOBIUS PS can tailor seating solutions to your specific needs and military vehicles. Based on decades of combined experience researching and working in this field, we have a deep understanding of what needs to go into developing quality military vehicle seating solutions. Since 2009, our military vehicle seats have been the chosen option used by leading platform manufacturers in the United States of America, Europe, and Israel. During that time frame, upward of 13,000 of our seats have been deployed on more than 45 military vehicular platforms, spanning 25 countries.

We understand the need for seamless and intuitive design for a solution that’s both cost-effective and reliable when you need it the most. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply a comprehensive range of solutions to all of our customers.

If you have any questions about how MOBIUS PS can assist you in this area, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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