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Gunner Seats: Taking Battle Scenarios and Transport into Consideration

Gunner Seats: Taking Battle Scenarios and Transport into Consideration

Gunners play a crucial role in the military as part of the modern battlefield. A gunner’s job is to be responsible for carrying out surveillance, target acquisition, and firing to engage with an enemy. They are trained to operate a range of weapons up to and including anti-tank weapons and machine guns, along with other related tools such as fire-control computers and laser rangefinders. It is the gunner’s role to position, operate and maintain these weapons systems.

Gunners are not exclusively confined to ground-based military vehicles. In fact, a large part of a gunner’s job is outdoors, where they will spend extended periods of time. However, many military vehicles require a gunner to be on-board. A gunner in a military vehicle is often situated in an elevated position at the top of the vehicle with the best view of anyone travelling on board. In this position, the gunner can carry out a 360-degree scan of everything that is happening around the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is travelling as part of a larger convoy, the gunner might also have to watch out for what is happening around the other vehicles. They must be ultra-vigilant about spotting potential threats which they can then communicate to the driver and whoever else should be informed about the situation.

Building our dedicated Gunner Seats

A gunner may be on board a military vehicle so that they can be transported from one location to another. But it’s far from a journey where they can simply sit back and relax. Whether a journey is primarily to travel from one military base to another, conduct a patrol, or for some other strategic reason, there’s plenty to keep gunners occupied while they’re on board. They will, for instance, vary between sitting and standing to gain access to the on-board gun turret in the vehicle they are travelling on. They will also have to handle weaponry while on board.

When we set out to build our dedicated Gunner Seat, we took all requirements into consideration. We did this while also ensuring that our products also offer the unparalleled blast-protecting support our ergonomic military seats are known for.

First and foremost, the MOBIUS PS Gunner Seat boasts a compact design that allows for it to be fitted within the available space in a wide range of military vehicles. At just 24kg (less than 53lbs), it is one of our more lightweight seating options, weighing around half what our driver seats or customizable crew seats weigh. Differentiating it from our standard crew seat is the fact that it boasts a folding back which transforms into a standing platform. This allows for it to be used by soldiers in both seating and standing configurations, covering transport and battle scenarios alike.

The folding seat back can be folded rapidly, allowing the on-board gunner to spring into action at a moment’s notice. The seat is highly adjustable, with an ergonomic design that makes it suitable for everyone from the lightest weight 5th percentile soldier through to the heaviest 95th percentile troop. This adjustability isn’t just for comfortably accommodating the sitter, but also for changing the height of the seating solution so as to achieve optimal positioning in the gun turret. As with our other seat series, MOBIUS PS’s Gunner Seat may be mounted in a vehicle in multiple different ways, including wall, floor and ceiling mounting. For the extra security of the troops it is designed for, our Gunner Seat comes with a head and neck-protecting adjustable headrest and a 4-5 point seat belt.

Patented technology

Our ergonomic military seats protect troops from the effects of damaging attacks, such as the potentially devastating impacts of underbody blasts caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs). They do this using our patented SPIRAL element: a small but incredibly powerful energy absorption element which mitigates the effects of damaging blasts. It can do this even during multi-hit assaults. The result is nothing short of a game-changer when it comes to military seating solutions — a seat that is engineered to provide robust functionality, ergonomic design and an unmatched high level of performance in even the world’s toughest and most demanding environments. And this is precisely why our seating solutions have been so widely used by leading armies over the past decade.

 The versatility of quality gunner seats

Versatility is a crucial part of everything that we do at MOBIUS when it comes to ergonomic military seats. Our seats — including the Gunner Seats — can be fitted into Main Battle Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Combat Vehicles, MPVs, MRAPs, Light Tactical Vehicles, and other vehicular platforms. Furthermore, our seating solutions can be easily fitted without requiring any significant modification to the vehicles in question.

If you have any questions about our Gunner Seats or any other military seats that we offer, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience where we have a team of experts, with combined dozens of years of experience, ready to help you in whatever capacity they can. We look forward to helping give your troops the potentially life-saving protection they need and deserve.

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