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Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Product Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Product Leadership Award

Shoham, Israel. — Mobius Protection Systems, a fast-growing Energy Absorbing Seat Solutions company, announced today that the company was awarded the Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Product Leadership Award in the armored vehicle industry.

Mobius Protection Systems is the inventor of the Spiral Technology, a uniquely designed mechanism capable of mitigating high energy blasts and lowering G forces to occupants. The award is presented by Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting firm, to companies that it considers to be at the forefront of innovation and growth within their respective industries.

Frost & Sullivan underlines how Mobius has successfully built a unique business model based on a visionary understanding of how energy-absorbing seats could be safer, more comfortable, and suited to fit a wide range of occupants of various sizes, as well as leveraging new design technologies to better address troop needs.

“By building a strong partnership with clients, Mobius can quickly and effectively respond to their needs. Part of this response is designing seats that fit the client’s specifications, whether it’s using an already developed seat, adapting a seat, or building a seat from the bottom up, Mobius assures its clients that their requirements will be met.”

– Elizabeth Whynott, Best Practices Research Analyst

Oren Goor, CEO of Mobius, says “We are honored to receive recognition from F&S in our approach of understanding our customers’ needs and tailoring innovative solutions. This recognition is a reassurance to our vision of enabling Freedom of Mobility in extreme challenges and providing the safest and most comfortable experience – whether by land, air or sea.  We believe that through continued investment in developing our range of advanced solutions, we will be able to maintain our position as a leading company in our field. We thank our dedicated employees, partners, customers and suppliers who contribute to our success and look forward to further strengthening our long term cooperation”.

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