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The Importance of Protective Military Seats

For those in the civilian world, a choice of vehicle seats frequently comes down to simple comfort or aesthetics. In a modern warfare scenario, however, the choice of military seats is significantly more important. Troop safety means safeguarding against a far greater number of potentially devastating threats. Designed to be fitted in a wide range of armored vehicles, MOBIUS’ blast-absorbing troop and crew seats can mean the difference between life and death.

The seats utilize patented MOBIUS technology that we call the “SPIRAL”. The SPIRAL is a lightweight, single element system which provides blast protection in the event that MOBIUS’ seats are fitted in a vehicle that is struck by a landmine or IED.

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MOBIUS Military Seats Systems

MOBIUS’ Military Seats: The Gold Standard in Troop Protection

Anyone who has ever experienced an IED or land mine blasts in a combat zone scenario knows that a well armored vehicles is not enough in order to protect the lives of its troop. Shockwaves emanating from roadside bombs or mines prove devastating in their own right: although not causing serious harm to a heavily armored vehicle, but certainly to harm any humans who may be inside. A deadly shockwave generated from the blast travels through the rigid capsule of the vehicle and causes injuries and deaths to the occupants. According to a report from the Institute of Medicine, tens of thousands of American combat veterans carry higher risks of developing neurological disorders and possible future organ problems as a result of being exposed to IED shockwaves.

That’s where MOBIUS’ energy absorption systems come into play. Through a highly ergonomic design, they isolate crew member from the vehicle’s capsule. In the event of, for instance, an underbelly explosion that might result from an armored personnel carrier driving over an IED or landmine, the seating system will absorb and attenuate the force of the shockwave generated from the blast, thus reducing dramatically the g forces imposed on the body of the soldier. Shock wave of 250-600 G due to the blast, are significantly reduced to under 25 G – a force that the body may survive through.

One of the most important metrics to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of Blast Protected military seats is the Dynamic Response Index (DRI) standardized model. This model is a measure of the likelihood of spinal damage that can arise, frequently in a military environment, from a vertical shock load such as a mine blast or ejection seat (in jet aircrafts) impact. Time and again, MOBIUS energy absorbing seats with their unique SPIRAL technology achieved outstandingly low DRI measurements when tested. That’s true even when MOBIUS seats have been tested against multi-hit cases. That, in turn, lessens the probability of troops or crew members being injured in an explosion.

The Ultimate in Versatile Seating Solutions

A feature of any modern military force is its versatility: the ability to operate effectively in any terrain and conditions. MOBIUS’ innovative seating solution is no different. When we set out to design our military seats solution, we knew it was crucial to make it available to everyone who needed it. That influenced every aspect of the design and engineering phases of this product. Versatility is, in short, something we’re very proud of.

Considering the fact that troops may be seated in their vehicles for long hours, before reaching the engagement location, another aspect must be considered. In order to ensure minimal fatigue and maximum combat readiness, MOBIUS seats have the utmost ergonomic design. Special care is being taken to instill comfort measures to the seats’ design to ensure minimal fatigue. Not only are MOBIUS seats structured accordingly, but also the seat material calls for maximum comfort. The Polyurethane foams and Cordura® based upholstery material have been specially selected to maximize combat readiness after long hours of riding through bumpy, dusty, and un-paved ways.

MOBIUS seats provide maximum protection to everyone from the lightest 5th percentile female through to heavy 95th percentile males thanks to its self-adjusting dynamic attenuation seats. MOBIUS seats can be mounted in just about any modern military vehicle, including mountings using the wall, floor, or ceiling.

This is no static design. We never expect the vehicle to be adjusted to make the seat fit in. Instead, our highly experienced engineering team is on hand to make sure that the blast protected seats will fit comfortably within the available space of the vehicle, whether that’s a 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 or tracked vehicle. A rich list of features such as: a folding back, folding pan, adjustable headrest – take up minimal space within a vehicle, while offering a high degree of ergonomic support and protection when in use. This means that, as your vehicle requirements grow and evolve over time, MOBIUS is right there ready to support you.

Customers typically provide us with CAD files showing the internal space and contour of their vehicles; leaving us to select the most appropriate seating placement and design to match their intended functionality. If that means adjusting or redesigning existing products to maximize their usefulness and effectiveness, we’re ready and waiting to do so.

MOBIUS Military Seats

The Future of Seats in Military Vehicles

We believe that we have engineered a breakthrough in military vehicle seats that is indispensable to any modern military force. For the past decade, since 2009, our military vehicle seats have been the preferred solution by leading platform manufacturers in the United States, Israel, and Europe. During that time, more than 13,000 of our seats have been deployed, on more than 45 vehicular platforms, in 25 countries.

With the highest level of attention placed on our troops seats, demonstrated through our game-changing energy absorbing system, we have created an answer to a question asked by military forces around the world: How to best protect their troops in modern warfare environments?

If this is a question that you have also grappled with, get in touch with us. Our highly trained team is ready and waiting to answer your questions — and, ultimately, to make sure that your troops, willing to put their lives on the line to serve and protect, receive the protection that they deserve.