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Turret Systems

Turret Systems

A tank’s turret is designed to accommodate usually two personnel – a gunner and a commander – or sometimes even three positions if there is an assistant gunner or loader, together with the equipment they need to operate in order to do their job.

Space is tight, even with the seats carefully placed in specific positions, and there is a pressing need to maximize the use of the available ‘real estate’ to ensure optimal functionality, comfort, and safety for the crew. As the specifications of vehicles varies between models, so do the limitations, meaning that it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution.

Mobius has created a line of products for manned turrets that provide ultimate protection in high-impact scenarios, extreme comfort, and unmatched ergonomics to support occupants’ full usability range.

Mobius turret seats are designed to maximize maneuverability and functionality in the tight but critical space of the observational or firing turret.


Turret Systems Category

With 100 different seat models, 10 of which have been specifically designed for turrets, Mobius has a sound base from which to mix and match tried-and-tested features.

Thanks to our vast experience and knowledge of the issues involved, and with a deep understanding of each customer’s turret constraints, we are able to quickly tailor many seat characteristics to the precise needs of our customers, and we do so at no extra charge.

Our turret systems comply with the US’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and European road regulations (ECE). The result is a tailored seat that is safe, adjustable, comfortable, and operational.