UAM seat

Taking into account the unique requirements of passenger seat positions in eVTOLs, the revolutionary Crashworthy seat was designed to achieve the lightest possible seat weight, with no compromise on safety or comfort, designed for effortless operation of urban air mobility platforms.

Mobius is implementing an innovative design approach that includes a unique, light-weight, and proven energy absorption technology as well as advanced materials structural body to meet and exceed the new and rigorous Urban/Advanced Air Mobility requirements, making occupant safety our top priority.

Mobius’s patented Energy Absorbing Technology enables maximum customization to any claim space.
Mobius’s designs include integration of advanced features for better ergonomics, extended privacy of the passenger and adaptation to the unique design language of platforms.

UAM seats

A solution created according to customer’s

guidelines for the seat design:

  • Exceptional crashworthy properties based on the SPIRAL Technology
  • Designed to meet the Performance Standards for Passenger & Crew Seats in
    Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Aircraft, SAE AS6849: *Part 23 and Part 27
    * Fire protection requirements of 14 CFR Part 25, Appendix F, Part 1
  • Light-weight, under 20 Lbs
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Durable for long service life
  • Excel occupant’s experience
  • Well-designed & customized to customer’s design language and values