MOBIUS Advanced Blast Protection Systems

Advanced Seat

Advanced Seat

Designed for the driver position, the right-mounted crew seat can be adjusted to a wide range of heights, as well as fore-aft adjustment and full back recline. It also incorporates multiple emergency safety features – for fast release & evacuation.

Advanced Seat


Mounting Options

Wall Mounted, Right Hand

Seat Belt

A certified 5 points seat-belt with retractors, specially designed for Mobius for the integration in the wall mounted seats

5 points automatic seat belt, 2" harness, rotary buckle, manual adjustment for lap belt, ELR retractor (single sensitive - not influenced by angle or road vibration) for shoulder belts. Specifically designed with embedded stiffeners for increased ergonomic use

A different 4 or 5-point seat belt model can be incorporated as per Customer’s choice


Height Adjustment
Fore- aft
Full seat back recliner

Energy Absorption

The linear EA is a single element wall system, with a compact design and low weight. Typically located under a hatch, it is highly resilient to humidity, solar radiation and dirt.


Highly durable seat construction for increased body protection. Ergonomic seat construction and upholstery design ideal for 5th to 95th-percentile people

A special seat cushion design prevents the submarining phenomenon

Mounting Options
Seat Belt
Energy Absorption

Technical Specifications

Wall Mount Driver seat

The flexible and customizable system offers intuitive access to seat adjustment options, easy ingress and egress, and emergency operation capabilities. The seat offers best-in-class performance in various operational scenarios by providing a comfortable ergonomic design and effortless operation of the vehicle controls.



50.5 kg

Height adjustment

430 mm

Fore-aft adjustment

6″ is the standard

8″ and 10″ are optional features



Ergonomic design suitable for 5th to 95th percentile

Mounting options

Wall Mounted, Right hand

Additional adjustment options

Full seat backrest recliner


Energy absorption

Mobius’s unique SPIRAL technology


Designed to meet FMVSS 207/210
Designed to meet ECE R14
Flammability – FMVSS 302

Seat belts

A certified 5 points seat belt with shoulder retractors, specially designed for Mobius to integrate the wall-mounted seats.

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