Marine Seats

There are countless elements that go into high-speed motorboats and warship vessels, many of which must provide maximum protection to occupants during the vessels. One of the most crucial protective factors is the seats within the vessel. A marine seat should mitigate the wave shocks, have numerous functionalities, and be ergonomically correct to provide its occupants comfort and safety.

Designing, producing, and manufacturing seats that meet these requirements can have multiple challenges. When designing motorboat seats that are capable of protecting occupants from high-powered shocks, providing much functionality (comfort, high-quality) is a necessity that can give companies a competitive edge.

Part of the Mobius seats’ technology is its ability to attenuate protection based on the occupant’s size, allowing it to accommodate a range of user heights and weights, from fifth percentile females to 95th percentile males. The seats are also customizable to provide optimal functionality and feature a 360 degrees swivel option, folding back, folding pan, and an adjustable headrest and footrest.

Furthermore, when a client partners with Mobius, the company’s engineering team maintains direct communications with the client to tailor the seat solution to the client’s specific needs.

Mobius seats can come with both shock mitigation and blast mitigation capabilities.

All Mobius seats are made from, carbon fiber parts, aluminum, and stainless marine grade for longer use time, low maintenance requirements, and low weight.

Marine Seat

MOBIUS Marine Seats Systems

Marine Seats

Technical Specifications

Weight45- 73kg. Final weight is function of final configuration
Back, Pan & Folding options

Reclining back down to 180 degrees .

Fixed Pan.

ErgonomicsErgonomic design suitable for 5th female to 95th percentile male
HeadrestAdjustable headrest. Range between 60-80 mm
Height adjustment80 mm

Designed to meet the most demanding flammability and fire propagation tests BS 5852 source 1,2 ,5

Designed to meet toxicity standards-DEF STAN 02-711, Revision I3

Seat belts5 points seat belt (See section “Seat Belts”), Rotary buckle
Left-Right Armrests

YES. Adjustable and Foldable type.

3 axis movement with 5 degrees of freedom

FootrestYES. Foldable type
Rotating swivel

360 degrees with 90 degree stop stations.

***Can be designed to different configuration.

Fore-Aft adjustment

Standard configuration- 100 mm

Can be designed according to customer request.

Energy absorption capabilities(Blast protection)

Input pulse of 205g @5.5 msec and ∆V=6.1 m/sec

Output 1.7g

***Can be designed to meet higher ∆V

Road acceleration

Our typical system is designed to the following loads:

•Vertical –comply with 5g vertical (to breakage)

•Forward –comply with 3g (Yielding)

•Lateral –comply with 2g

***Can be designed to meet other requirements