Energy Attenuating Seats

Mobius Protection Systems offers a full range of life saving Energy Attenuating Seats, equipped with the patented, energy absorbing element, SPIRAL technology. The uniquely devised mechanism is designed to enable maximum crew safety and survivability in high impact scenarios, while allowing for the agility and flexibility needed for optimal crew performance.

 The aforementioned agility and flexibility are leading principles for Mobius. The understanding that the crew’s ability to change and adapt thought processes and maneuvers is key to mission success, lead to the realization that adaptability just as crucial in the structure of the combat gear and vehicles, that are both the crew’s weaponry and their protective systems.

By combining extensive experience with the highest level of technological competence, the exceptional SPIRAL element design allows Mobius to adapt the life saving energy Attenuating seats to each client’s unique requirements, custom tailoring the crew seats to the specifications needed, without compromising crew safety and survivability.

Solution created to fit the very specific needs and specs of a customer – no matter how complex – we have the ability to give a broad range of solutions that are tailor made – without compromising on quality

Military crew seat

Mobius energy Attenuating solutions, adapting to your needs

Mobius is committed to Enabling freedom of mobility with safety and comfort in extreme blast scenarios. Years of R&D have gone into creating our Mobius Protection System, energy Attenuating systems for a wide range of seating applications, such as battle tanks, infantry combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, mine protected armored vehicles and light armored vehicles:

  • Our unique design allows us to adapt commander seats, driver seats, troop seats or gunner seats, to any specific space requirements or specs, without compromising troop safety, their ability to attack or retaliate, or even their comfort.
  • Our lifesaving technology ensures that even in the harshest of conditions, the most complex of battlegrounds, troop safety is a top priority.
  • Our highly efficient supply chain enables the delivery of the final product in a quick and efficient manner.

The SPIRAL technology

Mobius crew seats are based on innovative SPIRAL technology, the heart of all our lifesaving solutions. The state of the art patented technology includes energy absorbing elements that allow the all structures to effectively mitigate high energy levels under complex environmental conditions, drastic deformations and/or multi-hit assaults. The SPIRAL technology is groundbreaking in its simplicity, with the light weight and small space claim providing the means to swiftly adjust our systems to any given specs and offer a solution to the engineering constraints described by our clientele.

The engineering behind the adaptability

Troubleshooting, problem solving and creative solutions are as much a part of our world, as they are of the crew’s. Our ability to change and adapt is what offers them the flexibility to so the same. Crew seats that are ergonomic, compatible with all ranges of terrain and highly versatile, allow the crew maximum freedom, easy access to the controls, and safe operation of both the weaponry and the vehicle, without compromising their safety in any which way, giving the troops a measurable comparative advantage in the field. We Superpower the heroes – protecting them, giving them the confidence to do their job, knowing that they’re safe and will make it through – it’s that peace of mind that moves them forward.

When asked to design significantly lighter seats, or to adapt the seats to the specificities of the intended military vehicle, naval or aviation system or any other special application, the Mobius team gets to work. The initial innovative research and development behind the Mobius protection systems created a wide range of blast Attenuating seats, adaptable for a vast variety of armored vehicles and platforms. Now, our skilled professionals start apperceiving the specified requirements. They spend hours, days and weeks analyzing and evaluating the modified design mechanism and the way the components interact with one and other, in order to assess the effect of the adaptations needed to be implemented. Any change, redesign or adjustment must withstand the most rigorous of regulatory standards ensuring first and foremost that crew protection is not compromised.

After crew protection is guaranteed, the team proceeds to scrutinizing the ergonomic aspects of the crew seats. The Mobius crew seats are renowned for the ergonomic benefits, every element designed to allow for the highest level of performance. Lightening the weight, changing the seat height, depth or width of the seat pan and back, seat mobility, placement or other adaptations, must take into account the crew positions onboard the vehicle and the stipulations placed on each crew member and their unique assignments. Even with changes, the easy ingress and egress options, adjustment options, a variety of mounting points, and compatibility with an immense range of body weights and heights (from females in the 5th percentile to males in the 95th percentile), must remain, as they are essential to the crew optimal functioning.
A prototype is then created, undergoing strict testing and quality procedures, ensuring that the seats are of the highest quality and compatible to the buyer’s requests.

The Mobius supply chain

Creating and supplying prototypes requires a tightly run ship. Design, production and testing proceed complex shipping arrangements and delivery, and a well-oiled supply chain is crucial. Mobius partners with a variety of suppliers and manufacturers from around the globe, allowing us to quickly and efficiently accommodate the orders and meet our client’s needs. Mobius has proven time after time that the entire process, from concept to installation, can be done quickly and efficiently, when customer needs are a top priority. By maintaining close contact with the end users at the various developmental and trial stages, we provide fully suited systems. By prioritizing them and their individual requirements, and working as a dedicated team, we are able to deliver the highest quality goods, in record breaking time.