Crew Seat


Taking into account the unique requirements of the commander, driver and gunner positions, our flexible, customizable crew seats have intuitive access to seat adjustment options, easy ingress and egress, and emergency operation capabilities. The seat’s comfortable ergonomic design allows for effortless operation of the vehicle controls.

Mobius’ crew seats provides the highest level of performance in the most extreme conditions. Implementing an innovative design approach, this battle-proven system offers high functionality and is designed to meet the requirements of various platforms and threats.

Military crew seat


45-55 kg

Height adjustment

Standard – 430 mm

Can be designed up to 1000 mm

Fore-aft adjustment

Standard – 150 mm

Can be designed up to 250 mm

Additional Adjustment options

Reclining back

Adjustable headrest (optional, not shown in the pictures)


Yes. Optional

Energy Absorption

Ergonomic design suitable for 5th -95th percentile


FMVSS 207/ 210



ECE Compliance

Seat belts

4/ 5 point seat belt

Mounting options


Mobius crew seats are designed to save lives. Simply put, they offer the crew the best possible conditions, allowing for the best possible outcomes, in the most difficult and dangerous of surroundings
Our ergonomic seats take into consideration a variety of needs, accommodating different positions, mission goals, combat needs, and personal features, granting each crew member the maximum optimization requisites for the most advantageous outcome.

All crew seats are patented with energy absorbing elements, SPIRAL technology. Even when under fire, the shock wave is effectively mitigated, yielding maximal protection. The seats are then adapted for the individual needs of the various crew positions. Features such as height adjusters, fore-and-after mechanisms, height adjustment, multiple mount locations, elevated platforms, adjustable headrests and more, give the crew that extra edge that is paramount in high risk combat environments.

The versatility offered by the Mobius seats, combing innovative engineering, lifesaving technology and ergonomic design, is built to accommodate all combat positions, on all terrains and battlefields, ensuring that both the crew’s and the mission’s full combat potential is reached.