The pros and cons of wall-mounted vs. floor-mounted seats

driver seat

There are a number of ways to install seats within a vehicle: they can be bolted to the floor, to a side wall or even to the ceiling. Each method has its pros and cons, and finding the right balance will depend on the needs – and challenges – of the user.

Seat mounting overview

As a general rule, seats tend to be floor mounted in 4×4 vehicles, some 6×6 vehicles, and logistics trucks. 8×8 platforms and tracked platforms, such as the IDF’s EITAN 8×8, Yugoimport’s Lazar and others – tend to favor wall-mounted seats, which provide the required functionalities, such as height adjustment to accommodate operation of systems inside the hull, together with the ability to exit the hull via the hatch. Ceiling mounted seats are usually a last resort (at least from mobius side) in cases where vehicle constraints do not facilitate connection to the floor, or where the OEM is concerned that wall or floor-mounted seats would not secure the forces if the vehicle floor and sides become heavily deformed in the event of a blast.

The benefits

So, what are the relative benefits of each kind of seat? Wall-mounted seats offer wider fore-aft and reclining ranges than floor mounted, and their height can be adjusted to a greater degree – 160-900 mm height adjustment compared to 60-70 mm height adjustment possible with a typical floor-mounted systems. But they tend to be heavier than floor systems, so where this enhanced functionality doesn’t add value to the specific user – such as in a 4×4 vehicle where very little height adjustment is required – there is no need for the more complex, heavy wall-mounted system.

In terms of flexible use, wall-mounted systems can be fully reclined to 180 degrees, like a bed, reducing the time taken to replace crew in battle; if a crew member is injured, their seat can be reclined, enabling them to be extracted to the back of the vehicle. A sub can then take their place in the driver’s cabin and continue the mission.

The Mobius approach

Restricted by space, budget, and minimal comfort requirements, most OEMs integrate a fixed configuration for crew seats into their vehicles. Mobius, however, tailors its seating solutions to each customer’s specific requirements – considering all potential scenarios and meeting all challenges head on.

With more than 15 models of wall-mounted seats, Mobius can provide any height adjustment range needed in a given application. Produced from aluminum parts, casts and extrusions, they are also lower weight than traditional wall-mounted seats – sometimes even lighter than floor-mounted seats. We also offer a range of narrow models, and a subrange of locations for the pole to which the seat is mounted on the wall, to meet the specific challenges that each customer faces. In the example below, you can see two options: in System #1, the pole is located in the seat pan area, whereas in System #2, it is in line with the back of the seat.

Where a floor-mounted seat is preferable, such is in 4×4 vehicles, or where there is limited space inside the vehicle, but ergonomic adjustments – for example to height, or fore-aft position – are required, we offer a range of space-saving features and designs that enhance the driver and passenger experience, together with a number of energy-absorbing solutions to keep crew safe in blast scenarios.

In short, if you need a comfortable, versatile and safe seat – whether floor or wall mounted – Mobius has the solution you’re looking for.

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