Sales support and product management engineer

Job description

Assistance in finding effective and creative solutions in everything related to the professional relationship with the company’s customers before the sale (Pre-sale Professional Support).

Work in partnership with sales & marketing manager to help customers determine the best technology solutions to meet their business needs.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Makes product and service recommendations and educates customers on how each will provide business value
  • Assistance to the sales and marketing person in understanding the customer’s needs, adapting the solution to these needs and providing professional explanations to the customer
  • Assistance in preparing presentations and responding to RFP
  • Working closely with marketing and sales to ensure compliance with business goals and customer satisfaction


  • At least 5 years of experience as a design and development engineer of mechanical systems
  • Previous experience of 2-3 years as a professional support engineer /PRE-SALE/ product engineer – a significant advantage
  • High presentation capabilities
  • Familiarity with metal manufacturing technologies (machining& bending)
  • Understanding of assembly processes (Hands-On)
  • Academic degree in mechanical engineering
  • English – mother tongue / very high level (speaking and writing)

Do you aspire to be a partner in developing innovative and life-saving products?

Do you tend to take responsibility, to initiate, promote and create?

Are you a true professional?

If so, your place is with us.

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