Commander / Driver Seats


Seat Description

Commander seats often require unique capabilities including different adjustability requirements, easy ingress and egress in emergency scenarios, easy access to various controls and etc.


The seats are designed with the operational requirements in mind to allow the commander the most comfortable operation conditions without compromising safety.


Mobius energy absorbing commander seats offer high protection level in all blast scenarios (Up to STANAG 4569 4a and 4b) combined with ergonomic seat design.


All seats and seatbelts are designed to meet the FMVSS, ECE or DEF STAN in order to ensure maximal safety to the occupants.


The innovative patent pending energy absorbing system provides high level of protection for 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male.


The systems are designed with a floor, wall or ceiling mounting configuration according to the customer requirements.


Special features as laying positions, quick egress from the rear, special ergonomics designed for the driver and etc. are available if required by the customer.

Floor Mounted Seat

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Wall Mounted Seat

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